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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mickey Mouse Car on Road 4 Cake - Anush's 4th B'dy

This time again I wanted to experiment on Anush's birthday cake....I was thinking about this for a long time, but never planned for the design as I always do.
After I posted on Anush's birthday, I started getting sick because of sinus, that made me tensed as to whether I would be able to do this cake or not, but I did take some medicine and to my surprise this cake turned out to be awesome. I made this cake for the party that I planned, but on his birthday, I didn't have much patience so I did a small cookie cake. Then in the evening one of our friends arranged a surprise birthday party at her house for Anush, I was so thankful for them to do that...because the whole day I was feeling bad that I did not make anything special for him. So this time he had 3 cakes for his birthday....this makes me so so happy.

So here are the 3 cakes.....

2. Mickey Mouse on Road 4 Cake - Party Cake
For this Cake I used moist dark chocolate, french vanilla and butter cake mixes combined to form a marble cake, with whipped cream icing, mickey mouse clubhouse toys, (green, blue and black) color spray, black sugar sprinkles, white butter cream icing to write "happy birthday", and made yellow fondant letter for name "Anush".
First I made 3, 1/4 sheet cakes and one loaf cake, then combined two of the sheet ckaes to form the base, then cut out the remaining 1/4 sheet cake and loaf cake to get the shape of 4. when the cake work was complete, I first covered the base with whipped icing, then placed the 4, then covered that too with icing, then sprayed green, blue and black color spray. Sprinkled black sugar on top of the 4 shaped cake to look like road. Then marked with white butter cream icing to divide the road. With the same white butter cream icing wrote "happy birthday" and rolled the yellow fondant to shape letters for name "Anush". Then finally placed all the toys, candles and palm trees. This completes the cake! :)

1. 4 Shaped Cookie Cake with "A as anush" and Car

2. Mickey Mouse Car on Road 4 Cake - Anush's Birthday Party Cake

3. Anush Surprise Party Cake - Whipped Cream Balloon Cake


Mélange said...

My God,Anush's B day rocks ! Lovely hearty cakes.Hope you had a great time..Gob bless Anush.

Btw,hope your sinus subsided.Take care.

kitchen flavours said...

Happy Birthday to Anush! He is adorable! And the birthday cake rocks! You did a great job!

Tina said...

fabulous cakes..

Madhu said...

Lovely cake! God bless the little one :)

Dr Sonia S V said...

Wow both cakes are awesome-- so much love went into them!!

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