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Thursday, December 12, 2013

LEGO HEAD Marshmallow Pops

This year birthday of my son was kinda not so stressful, but it was exciting and bit easier. Maybe as my parents are here and were helping me around or for the reason that I choose to make easy recipes and which were fun as well. I was just googling one day and was kinda looking for some lego themed party goodies and this struck my eyes; as soon as I saw these cute Lego head pops, I fixed my mind to do it, whatever it takes. Firstly I had no idea what were candy melts, I thought it was something like the hard candy. But when I read about what ingredients were in the candy melts, I was much happier to go ahead. Actually it is white chocolate which comes in so many colors, I chose yellow for Lego head. Also I read about Almond Bark, but I decided to use candy melts itself, as almond bark would have almonds and I cannot use it in the party where some kids would be allergic. 
This was fun and exciting kids pops. You can get creative and make so many different toppings and coatings for this marshmallow pops.
Here is the post of the party snacks that I prepared....Anush's 6th LEGO Party Snacks.
* Buy already colored Candy Melts, as if you buy white candy melts and try to add food color it will harden the candy melts when you try to melt and use it.
* Buy Puffed Marshmallow, as it holds the shape better, else they will be soggy or out of shape

1. If using cardboard box, prepare it by piercing holes where you can stick the candy or ice cream sticks. If using Styrofoam block you don't have to worry about piercing holes.
2. In a microwave safe bowl, add the candy melts and first melt them for about 30 to 45 secs, stir and melt it again for 30 secs, keep stirring and reducing the time you keep in microwave, when the melts starts melting almost to a thick batter consistency, take it out of microwave and let it cool a bit.
3. Now to prepare the pops, do the below steps one by one.
4. Take a candy or ice cream stick, dip the tip into melted candy melt, then pierce into the bottom portion of one marshmallow and then pierce it into the Styrofoam/cardboard box.
5. Allow it to cool and harden so that the marshmallow sticks to the stick.
6. Now take each marshmallow with the stick and dip the other end into the candy melt, then roll into the candy melt on all sides, now smooth it out with the help of the spatula or butter knife.
7. Add a yellow m&m on top of the marshmallow.
8. Now stick it back on to the Styrofoam/cardboard box and allow it to harden.
9. Now with a tip #1 attached to the black decorating icing tube, draw smiley face as shown.
10. Allow it to harden, enjoy this delicious and fun kids party snacks.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

ALMOND BUTTER N Banana, Chocolate N Apple Cinnamon Almond Fudge

It's all in the name.....why do I say this?? Well whenever I hear about a name of the recipe or a product sold in the market, the first thought in my mind is that it's not possible for us to make it at home and that why they are sold in the market. Well that's not true always. It could be the most simplest thing that you can make it at home, or with a little bit effort with great results, with lots of flavor and freshness. This same applies to this name "Almond Butter" as well. When I heard this name, I was like OMG! and when I first saw the price, I didn't feel like buying from the store. So as always took the help of google and was shocked to see that it was so simple to do and can be used in so many recipes and a best alternative for flour to make it more healthier and rich.
* You can always add more according to the quantity you need, else you can very well store it in fridge. 
* I am not sure how long it can be stored in the fridge, as never got a chance to keep it more than a week. :)
1. Preheat oven/toaster oven to 350 F.
* If using toaster oven, put it in toast setting.
2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and add the almonds, make sure you don't over crowd the sheet.
3. Bake/toast it for about about 7-8 mins or until golden brown.
4. Allow it to cool for 1-2 mins. But make sure it's still hot enough so that the steam will help it to become paste than powder.
5. Now blend the almonds in a mixer to a smooth paste.


1. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl, if it is too hard to mix, then microwave it for few secs and blend well.
2. Now pour the batter to a glass bowl or desired shape and allow it to cool in a fridge.
3. Cup it into the desired shapes and garnish with few toasted almonds and serve.


* You can use coconut butter as well, but I didn't, so the fudge was not as hard as the banana almond fudge. It was soft and kinda melt in the mouth because of the chocolate. For best result you can pop the fudge into freezer for an hour to make it hard.
1. In a microwave safe bowl add the chocolate chips and butter or coconut butter, and melt it for the first 30 secs, mix, again microwave for more 20-30 secs.
2. The time depends on the type of microwave you are using. So watch while you melt, else the chocolate will burn.
3. Mix in rest of the ingredients to the melted chocolate and pour the mixture into a shaped bowl and cool it in fridge or freezer.
4. Cut into desired shapes and serve.



1. Mix all the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl, if little hard to mix, microwave it for few secs an dthen mix.
2. Pour this in a shaped bowl and cool it in fridge or freezer.
3. Cut into desired shapes and serve.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Carrot Honey MOTICHUR LADOO - Happy Vinayaka Chavithy

Listen to the name and your mouth will water. As a kid I never liked lot of sweets except few to name, and one of them is this Ladoo. Yummmm....I have always seen mom making it at home. I know there is always a difference from what mom makes from the store bought. I really liked the way mom makes without any added food color and keep all the ingredients well balanced, may it be sugar or the amount of ghee she used. It was so perfect.

Now that mom is here with me, I thought of putting her to work ;). Am just kidding, I should say, as I never made it at home, this time I am thinking of trying it with my mom's help, but of course all a little twist which makes it my recipe now. he he......but as always, I will never hesitate to say....can never beat the taste that mom makes, now that she is going to her me, it will add a special taste. :)


1. In a mixing bowl add carrot puree, basen/gram flour, semolina, baking powder baking soda, add water little by little to a idli batter consistency.

2. Meanwhile in a kadai, add ghee and heat it to medium heat.
3. Keep a perforated spoon, a ladle for making boondhies.

4. Now hold the perforated spoon with your left hand, take batter in the ladle, and hold the perforated spoon almost 1/2 inches to 2 inches high from the oil, and pour the batter into the perforated spoon, and lightly in circular motion let the batter drop out to the oil. Keep moving the perforated spoon around the kadai of ghee, so that the boondhi does not fall in one place, as it can form lumps of batter.

5. mix the boondhi once, and let it cook for about 1-2 mins, turn over and let it cook for more 1-2 mins. Remove the boondhi to a bowl. Don't over cook it, as it will be too hard for making ladoo.

6. Make boondhi's of all batter and keep aside.

7. In the same kadai of ghee, fry all the nuts to slight brown, off the flame and then add the raisins, remove immediately to a plate.

8. Now in a blender/mixer add the boondhi and blend it to a coarse powder and put it in a bowl and mix in the nuts.

10. In a kadai add sugar, water and cardamom powder and bring the flame to medium high and make thick syrup to 2 string consistency, immediately add the honey and make sure it does not get hard.

11. Pour this syrup to the boondhi mix and mix with a spoon until add the boondhi is covered with syrup.

12. Take some into your hands and by pressing and rolling in your hands make a small lemon size balls.

13. I placed each ladoo in a mini muffin liners, you can choose how you want to serve.

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