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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Event - BERRIES - Strawberry - Desserts - August 1st to 31st

Berries are the crown jewels of summer, the gems that inspire pies,
parfaits, cobblers, ice cream treats, and whipped cream wonders. 
Best of all, berries deliver super-healthy antioxidants that help 
fight disease.
The word "Berry" means a freshly fruit produced from a single 
ovary. In everyday English, "berry" is a term for any small 
edible fruit. These "berries" are usually juicy, round or semi-
oblong, brightly colored, sweet or sour, and do not have a stone or 
pit, although many seeds may be present.

Berries provide all the disease-fighting antioxidants you need in a 
single day.

I love all berries as they are simply sweet and sour, have vibrant 
color and very high in antioxidants.

You can make any recipe from which can be a Dessert/Sweet
...the main in
ingredient should be the strawberry in your recipe. 
Strawberries you use can be fresh, frozen, dried etc., you can make 
vegetarian or non-vegetarian recipes.
Add a line or two as to why you like this berry, 
Nutritional Information about the berry, Homemade 
Beauty Tips like Face Packs, Scrubs etc., and Weight Loss Tips 
with the berry you used in your recipe.

I want to keep this event going on, so would like to use these berry theme with different menu categories like appetizer, snack, entree, juice/milkshakes, ice cream/sorbets, dessert/sweets etc., and you need to choose one berry like Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Gooseberry etc.,....

So this month  (August 1st to 31st ) I am choosing "Berries - Strawberry - Desserts"

I am also posting this same event in my other blog "Anu's Healthy Kitchen"

Now to the Event Rules:
1. Send in as many as recipes as you want, archived entries are 
allowed only if re-posted and linked to this event. New recipe should also be linked to this event page.

2. You should use strawberry as your dessert menu.
2. Use of logo is mandatory, so that the berry word will spread 
around bloggers and non-bloggers.
3. Bloggers and Non-bloggers can participate.
4. Event date starts from August 1 to August 31st.
5. Please enter you recipe details by clicking on the Event Logo at the end of this post/page.

Please Click on the EVENT LOGO to ENTER the RECIPE DETAILS....
Please Click on the EVENT LOGO to ENTER the RECIPE DETAILS....

If you face any problems leave me a comment or drop a line to anu(dot)healthykitchen(at)gmail(dot)com.

So hurry up friends we have only 30 days to fill my inbox with lots of yummy berricious recipes.......... :-)

If anyone interested in guest hosting this event for the coming months....please look at the Event Calender for more details and if willing to guest host for the same, email me at  anu(dot)healthykitchen(at)gmail(dot)com. I am also updating a Event Calender Page with rest of the details about this Ongoing Event.


Vimitha Durai said...

Nice seasonal event..

Sadaf said...

Great event. I tried to link my posts but the link is not working.

Unknown said...

I'm getting this error message when I click on the small logo.This webpage is not available
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Anyways, I shall email you my recipes. Happy hosting. Glad to follow your blog.

Madhu said...

Nice event Anu. Will send some entries.

Kalyani said...

lovely event dear :-) should try to send in some entries..
What is the process to create an online form like you have done.. do drop me a line @ my email ID when you are free, dear


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