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Monday, January 26, 2015

Mini Rasgulla |Cottage Cheese Balls in Saffron Sugar Syrup

Mini RasgullaI always plan for something and until I push myself, I don't get to do it on time. Well this recipe falls into that category, in which I could not push myself to post it. I am in between moving from blog to website and in between there were other priorities which didn't make this possible for me to post this recipe on time. I actually planned to post this for Diwali :( but I think I will end up posting this during Christmas or New Year. :) Well not bad right!! :)
Mini Rasgulla 4This is my second attempt on Rasgullas. I remember making it way back when I got newly married. I guess at that time I didn't wait enough for the sugar to soak up into rasgullas and so didn't find it so tasty. So probably from then never tried to make it at home again. But now I think this is a long wait. So I decided to at least make it and not worry too much about posting it on time. 
Mini Rasgulla 6Mini Rasgulla 7I made these in the same method as I did years back with pressure cooker and really to say till now I don't know any other method. But totally happy with the results this time. I didn't want to do a whole bunch of them, so decided to make them small so that they are at least more in numbers.
Mini Rasgulla 5This is a very easy recipe and can be made ahead of time. I made fresh paneer at home first, then let it drain the excess water for about 30 mins or so. After that knead the paneer to make it soft. Meanwhile made the sugar syrup, and at the same time shaped the paneer into balls. Drop these balls in the syrup which I made in the pressure cooker and cooked it for about 7-8 mins or for one whistle. First kept it on high flame then reduced it to medium flame and cooked the rest. 
Mini Rasgulla 3The main thing to make sure is that you have to wait atleast 4-6 hours after you make these rasgullas before eating, so that they get enough time to soak up all the sugar syrup.
Steps to make Rasgullas
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Mini Rasgulla

Mini Rasgulla 2
 Mini Rasgulla 8

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