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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones

Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones MainWanted to make something new, exciting and easy dessert for Christmas which would mainly be exciting for Anush to enjoy. I had a box or unused rainbow cereals and wanted to use it in creating a dessert. But none of the recipes impressed me. I don't remember how I ended up getting this dessert recipe and I was totally carried away how awesome it looked and how easy it was.Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones 3
Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones 6Anush likes to eat these cereals, so thought of making this instead as I was not sure if I make anything with the other cereal that he does not eat anymore he would like it. I was sure if I make this he will be lot more excited and happy as all the ingredients are his favorite.
Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones 7Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones 9Wow I am amazed by the thought that people around the world are so creative and create awesome things that I could have never imagined. don't you think we have so many things to learn? Well I have to convince myself that no one can be a master of any thing in particular and if someone is he should be someone to worship. :)
Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones 5This dessert is a winner in my heart. I really enjoyed each and every step of making this dessert. I was so relaxed, made this recipe watching TV and slowly and still it looked wonderful and so neat and so beautiful. I am expressing too much? NO, it's true. It's as delicious as it looks beautiful. This was the compliment I got from my son, so I am more than happy.
Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones 2
Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones 8

Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones 1

1/4 Cup Nutella / Chocolate Spread
1/2 Cup Peanut Butter
6 Pretzel Sticks (I used Chocolate Finger Cookies instead)
3 Tbsp Butter (room temperature/soft)
3/4 to 1 Cup Powdered Sugar
2 Cups Kellog's Krave Double Chocolate Cereals

In a bowl mix all the ingredients except the pretzel stick with a wooden spoon and later make it to a ball of dough.
make six equal parts and shape like a cone with each ball with your hands.
Insert a pretzel stick or finger cookies or anything that is long or cylinder shape and again shape it back to a cone and place it on a flat surface/serving plate.
Now arrange the lower part of the cone with the cereals and work your way upwards in a circle and also on the top.
Make sure that these cereals are 45 degree angles like pointing upwards and closer to each other so that the cone base is not shown much.
Make each one of the pine cone as above and arrange them on the serving plate.
Add some powdered sugar in a sieve and dust the powdered sugar all over the cereal pine cone and little bit on the serving plate to make it look like snow.

Decorate with Christmas decorations around and enjoy this delicious simple dessert.

Snowy Chocolate Pine Cones 1

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