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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Strawberry Vanilla Gelato

Strawberry Vanilla Gelato MainBerries and Ice Cream does not stop me from eating them any time of the year. You might be thinking I named the recipe "Gelato" and I am talking about "Ice Cream"?? Well, I did read about gelato and ice cream earlier, but this time when I was naming the recipe I really wanted to know the reason. Basically it's all Ice and Cream, but few factors and levels makes the difference.
Strawberry Vanilla Gelato 11Once I knew the difference, I always wanted to try and eat gelato first out of a store bought one and then try it at home and definitely adding my own twist to it. :) But as and always homemade is always the best and so comforting when you know that it's worth the time.
Strawberry Vanilla Gelato 8I would like to explain here the difference as per my understanding. As I say it always, if you would like to read and want to the difference; you are most welcome, else you can skip this short story. :)
Strawberry Vanilla Gelato 2Ice Cream:
Ice cream contains more air, milk fat, eggs and cream when compared to gelato. It has more calories and fewer carbohydrates, which is obvious with more of the fatty ingredients. Generally higher in saturated fat which varies by ingredients and type of milk.
Strawberry Vanilla Gelato 3Gelato:
In "Italian" Gelato means "Frozen" and refers to a type of soft, dense, low-fat ice cream that has traditionally made by hand using milk, sugar, cream and fruits and nuts. It has fewer calories, less saturated fat than ice cream and is dense in taste and probably uses more sugar to prevent the ice from crystallization.
Strawberry Vanilla Gelato 4 Don't get alarmed by reading this, because anything you eat, if you concentrate on the amount of intake and stick to eating just as much as you need, then everything is healthy and good. Since both have milk and cream it's good.
Strawberry Vanilla Gelato 5Let's go to the recipe now.....I made condensed milk at home. Click on the link for the recipe for Homemade Condensed Milk. I have explained 3 different ways to make it. I didn't want the ice cream to look all red, but little specks of strawberry should be seen, so I cooked the strawberries in syrup and made it very thick so that I just swirled the thick mixture into the cream and condensed milk and later mixed it bit more when it hardened.
Strawberry Vanilla Gelato 7p
1 Box Fresh Strawberries
1/2 to 1/3 cup Sugar
14 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 box Heavy Whipping Cream

1. Clean and cut the strawberries into half or smaller pieces as you like.
2. In a sauce pan add the strawberries and sugar. If using frozen strawberries, first thaw them. If using strawberries in sugar, thaw it and no need to add any extra sugar.
3. Bring to a medium high flame, when the liquid starts to bubble, reduce it to medium low and cook it until all most of the water is gone and it should look like a thick syrup for about 15-20 mins.
4. Allow it to cool to room temperature.
5. Meanwhile with a hand/stand mixer add cold heavy whipping cream and whisk it until you get soft peeks.
6. Now add sweetened condensed milk and mix just until well blended.
7. Transfer this whipped cream mixture into a freezer safe box.

8. Add the strawberry mixture and swirl it all over using a spoon or fork.

* You can use frozen strawberries or frozen strawberries in sugar.
* If using frozen strawberries in sugar, check and avoid adding more sugar to both the berries and the cream.

* I used Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk (Click Link to view recipe:
Strawberry Vanilla Gelato 11

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