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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Banana Pecan Mini Bread

Banana Pecan Mini Bread Main
I am smiling here...will tell you the reason. The thought me/myself finding ways to eat banana is the reason for why I am laughing. My hubby always get bananas at home and most of the times he does not eat. I always ask him whether he is getting them so that I can make anything out of it. ;) because I wait until they get very ripe, the main reason is that I wait if someone would eat it. To include them in any recipes, the more ripe it is the better.

Banana Pecan Mini Bread 3Banana Pecan Mini Bread 7
This time it was not exceptional as always. I waited and no one ate, more over I wanted to make something simple as I was expecting guests at home and didn't have much time to think of something else. So was happy to make this spongy and soft bread.

Banana Pecan Mini Bread 1Banana Pecan Mini Bread 2
Usually I try to add half of white flour and half of wheat, but this time didn't do any substitutions. It came out very soft and spongy and delicious. I also usually add walnuts to most of my recipes with bananas, but this time wanted to substitute with pecans. Adding pecans didn't make it different but it was good as usual.

Banana Pecan Mini Bread 4Banana Pecan Mini Bread 9
I doubled the amount of ingredients as I had to make more and also baked in these cute little pie molds just to take some pics which is always inviting and lot better to look than in a loaf pan. The amount of Ingredients will just be right for making 1 loaf of bread.

Banana Pecan Mini Bread 8Banana Pecan Mini Bread 10

Banana Pecan Mini Bread 11
Banana Pecan Mini Bread 6


Unknown said...

Lovely Recipe...amazing photography

Unknown said...

Thank you Alkajena :)

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