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Monday, February 13, 2012

HERMOINE CAKE - Harry Potter Character CAKE

I know everyone who sees this cake name would/may be wondering like I did when I heard about the name from one of my very good friend, her name is Rini. She asked me to help her make this cake for her daughter on her birthday. When she said the name, I said I don't know who she is. Then she explained to me that it was the girl in the Harry Potter movie. I kept thinking as to how would I get a girl's picture on the cake and when I googled for some pictures I could not get any and those I got this looked kinda hard for me.

Then I decided to cheat a little bit :) as there was no much time for me to plan and buy things accordingly. So I got his cute cake picture which I thought of recreating.

So I told her to order a simple white butter cream frosted round cake and buy fondant for me and a color printout of the picture. it goes.....
I got all already colored fondants, but did a little mix up to get the right colors. Actually i could not capture the right colors of the fondant after I was done. So I thought of mentioning it is a purple dress with pinkish purple shades.

First I got the cake, then I layered the top with white fondant. Then I made the body, dress, flowers and all the leaf shaped dress and hair with little black and brown and brushed with silver glitter to get the shine over the dress.

The best and easy part of the cake was making the face of the girl. I cut only the face from the printout, applied some butter cream icing at the back and stuck it over the fondant. :) Is that not very simple? I didn't have much time to paint myself for the face as I didn't have much time and didn't want to take risk of spoiling the cake. So found a very simple and easy way to do it.

The other best part is that my friend also liked it. After she went home, her daughter called me and said she liked the cake very much. So this is the kind of happiness that gives you when someone really appreciates your work. :)


kitchen flavours said...

That's a beautiful cake! I am a fan of Harry Porter series, read the books twice!! Great job!

Tina said...

soooo beautiful and colourful..

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

thats an awesome cake Anu. love all the details.

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